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Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen|September 23-24, 2018.
亚洲Six Sigma精英大会将于2018年9月23-24日在中国深圳召开!

Ready To Improve

this Summit promises to be a forum for fruitful reinforcement of Lean Six Sigma practices

Master Black belt training

September 19-22, and September 24-27, we start the master black belt training class.


MBB participants will receive a certificate issued from "Asian LSS Summit"

重要通知: 因目前出现的一些技术原因,非常抱歉的通知LEAN six sigma精英大会及黑带大师培训课程的召开时间将推迟,延迟召开的具体时间和安排将后续更新, 谢谢!

Important notification: For the unexpected technical problem, we are so sorry to inform you the conference and class will be postponed. And final date will be released afterwards. Thanks for your understandings!



亚洲 Lean Six Sigma(LSS)高峰会议(Asian LSS Summit)是由知名学者吴桐毅、董润楨教授发起的。LSS在亚洲从90年代经过20几年的累积沉淀已经在很多企业开展,但是由于水平参差不齐及其他客观因素,成果差异甚大。此次希望通过主办这个大会,让大家分享Six Sigma在各个行业实现其价值的应用及在实践中获取的心得,开拓新的应用领域,提供这方面新的研究课题及挑战,促进 Six Sigma 的衍生和传承。首届Asian LSS Summit将以双语形式呈现,让亚洲的企业在面对国际竞争时更能发挥沟通上的优势,同时也认可亚洲多元文化的本质,实现亚洲大同的理念。


This is the first event of its kind, featuring leading scholars, specialists and industry leaders in Lean Six Sigma in a rich program on the theory and practice of currently the most important approach to quality excellence.  The most up-to-date strategies as well as application experiences will be presented by highly eminent speakers from Asia at this Summit.  Besides recent developments in Industry 4.0, emphasis will also be placed on emerging areas of application of Lean Six Sigma, so that participants will gain useful insights and approaches for further productive applications in the future.
This summit is being organized by leading international scholars in the field together with many professionals that have been trained by them.  Prof T N Goh and Prof L C Tang, renowned experts from Singapore, will give presentations on their experience in achieving effective Lean Six Sigma applications; other renowned LSS academics and practitioners from Asia will also offer their insights and experiences associated with applications in industrial organizations.

  • 六西格玛(Six Sigma)是在九十年代中期开始被GE从一种全面质量管理方法演变成为一个高度有效的企业流程设计、改善和优化的技术,并提供了一系列同等地适用于设计、生产和服务的新产品开发工具。继而与GE的全球化、服务化、电子商务等战略齐头并进,成为全世界上追求管理卓越性的企业最为重要的战略举措。六西格玛逐步发展成为以顾客为主体来确定企业战略目标和产品开发设计的标尺,追求持续进步的一种管理哲学。
  • 20世纪90年代发展起来的6σ(西格玛)管理是在总结了全面质量管理的成功经验,提炼了其中流程管理技巧的精华和最行之有效的方法,成为一种提高企业业绩与竞争力的管理模式。该管理法在摩托罗拉、通用、戴尔、惠普、西门子、索尼、东芝行众多跨国企业的实践证明是卓有成效的。为此,国内一些部门和机构在国内企业大力推6σ管理工作,引导企业开展6σ管理。

In all, this Summit promises to be a forum for fruitful reinforcement of Lean Six Sigma practices – ranging from the standard collection of tools to the latest techniques – as well as exchange of practical ideas among international researchers and practitioners. In particular, it will be a major gathering and sharing opportunity among professionals with Master Black Belts, Executive Master Black Belts and Master Black Belts background. The event highlights what is important to the achievement of tangible results, while avoiding abstract or academic discussions which have no immediate relevance to industry; it is expected to have a long-term impact on the development of Lean Six Sigma on an international scale.

  • 专业six sigma培训班就由两位六西格玛领域的世界知名教授负责项目支持和课程培训工作。
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