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MBB 黑带大师培训课

● Revision of Lean, DMAIC and IDOV
● Review of Lean Six Sigma and DFSS
● Project Selection & Management
● The positioning of organization in the market place
● Roles and Responsibilities of MBB
● BB Selection, Training & Mentoring
Effective mentoring ; Training curriculum design
● Design of Experiments
o Handling practical difficulties in experiments
o Replicated experimental runs
o Unsuccessful experimental runs
o Customized fractional factorials
o Economical experiments
o Small sample experiments
o Plackett-Burman designs
o Application of blocking and split-plots
o Experiments in noisy environments
o Taguchi experiments
o Robust design of products and processes
● Change Management & other Soft skills
● Strategic planning
● Transactional Analysis
o Mathematical programming
o Queueing systems
o Demand forecasting
o Logistic Regression
● Reliability
o Basic models and measures
o Reliability testing
o Reliability data analysis
● Advanced MSA & SPC
● Measurement systems analysis
o GRR for process VS GRR for Tolerance
基于过程的重复性和再现性 VS 基于公差的重复性和再现性
o Cgk (Measuring capacity index)
o MSA for Attribute data (Cohen & Fleiss)
o MSA for Non repeatable measurement system
o Precontrol chart and Rainbow chart
o Potential problems of Shewhart Control Charts
● Advanced SPC
o CUSUM Chart
o EWMA with process adjustment scheme
o Control charts based on cumulative conformance count
o Process Capability for non-normal data and uncertainty analysis
o Process Capability for multi-peak data

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